Weld-On Rock Sliders: The Superior Choice for Jeep Enthusiasts

Weld-On Rock Sliders: The Superior Choice for Jeep Enthusiasts


When it comes to enhancing your Jeep for off-road adventures, rock sliders are an indispensable addition. They provide protection, increase off-road capability, and reinforce your Jeep's structural integrity. While both weld-on and bolt-on rock sliders serve this purpose, weld-on rock sliders offer distinct advantages that make them the superior choice for Jeep owners. 

  1. Unparalleled Strength and Durability:

Weld-on rock sliders are renowned for their exceptional strength and durability. Unlike bolt-on rock sliders, which rely on attaching brackets and hardware, weld-on rock sliders are directly welded to the Jeep's frame. This welding process creates a solid and permanent connection, ensuring that the rock sliders can withstand the harshest off-road conditions and impacts. takes pride in their rock sliders' robust construction, employing high-quality steel and precise welding techniques, resulting in unrivaled strength and durability.

  1. Enhanced Structural Integrity:

Jeeps endure significant stress and strain during intense off-roading. Weld-on rock sliders play a vital role in reinforcing the Jeep's frame, providing added structural integrity. With a direct weld connection to the frame, these rock sliders distribute the weight and force evenly, minimizing the risk of bending or twisting.'s weld-on rock sliders are engineered to withstand rigorous off-road adventures, ensuring your Jeep maintains its sturdiness and performs at its best.

  1. Custom Fit and Seamless Integration:

One of the key advantages of weld-on rock sliders is their ability to provide a custom fit for your Jeep. Unlike bolt-on sliders, which may have limitations due to pre-existing mounting points, weld-on sliders can be precisely tailored to your vehicle's specifications. understands the importance of a seamless integration, and their weld-on rock sliders are designed to fit your specific Jeep model flawlessly. This customized fit not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures optimal functionality and protection.

  1. Superior Protection:

When it comes to safeguarding your Jeep from off-road hazards, weld-on rock sliders offer unmatched protection. The direct attachment to the frame provides a robust barrier against rocks, stumps, and other obstacles.'s rock sliders feature extended coverage, shielding the vulnerable rocker panels and lower body areas of your Jeep from damage. With their heavy-duty construction and precision welding, these rock sliders provide the ultimate protection, ensuring your Jeep stays unscathed during extreme off-roading adventures.

  1. We offer Two versions:

Here are the differences between the two versions of sliders we offer. The first is the Standard- it is made out of all 1.75” tubing and features 3/16 wall bottom tube, and ⅛ other tubing. The Extreme version is all 2” tubing and features ¼ bottom tube and 1/8 “ other tubing. Both sliders feature 1/4 “ plate material including stanchions.


  1. The Ultimate Choice for Rock Sliders:

When it comes to selecting the best rock sliders for your Jeep, stands out as the top choice. With their expertise in manufacturing Jeep accessories, offers two types of weld-on rock sliders that are meticulously crafted to provide superior performance, durability, and protection. Their attention to detail, high-quality materials, and precise welding techniques make's rock sliders the go-to option for Jeep enthusiasts seeking the best in the market.


When it comes to outfitting your Jeep with rock sliders, weld-on options prove to be the superior choice, providing unmatched strength, durability, and protection. With's rock sliders, you can be confident in their exceptional quality, precise fit, and unparalleled performance. Elevate your off-road adventures and safeguard your Jeep with KrashFab's  weld-on rock sliders, the epitome of excellence in Jeep accessories.

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